Originally from Alabama, London Carlisle is a New York based actor and producer. Formally trained, London has acted in roles from Greek Tragedy to Paula Vogel at Auburn University and with regional theatres across the country. London made his starring turn as Anthony in I and You at the Public Theatre.

In addition to his training at Auburn, London has worked with prolific actors such as Brandon J. Dirden, Chukwudi Iwuji, and Crystal Dickinson. Since 2018, London has trained in katana with Yoshi Amao, founder of the Samurai Sword Soul theatre company.

London is an avid tabletop roleplaying gamer and has been featured on Satine Phoenix's Gilding Light, Jared Logan's Stream of Blood and Becca Scott's Good Time Society. He is also the producer and gamemaster of Spot Hidden, a Call of Cthulhu stream.

London seeks to champion representation within Hollywood and the gaming community.

Photo by: Mati Ficara