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London Carlisle is a classically trained actor based in New York City. He is perhaps best known as a cast member of the Gold ENNIE award-winning horror comedy podcast Ain't Slayed Nobody. Carlisle is also a stage combatant certified with proficiency in single sword by the Society of American Fight Directors.

Carlisle received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Auburn University in 2019. After graduation, he continued his acting studies through master classes with Chukwudi Iwuji, Brandon J. Dirden, and Crystal Dickinson. Carlisle has trained in Chinese Broadsword under Michael G. Chin (Drama Desk Award Nominee for Best Fight Choreography) and Sean Michael Chin. He has additional training in Katana under Yoshi Amao (FX's Shogun) and Samurai Sword Soul.

Recently, Carlisle has performed in several world premiere plays and independent films across the country. His performance in Hands Up at the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre was called "astonishing" and the "highpoint" of the play by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Carlisle is an avid tabletop roleplaying gamer and has collaborated with Wizards of the Coast (the publishers of Dungeons & Dragons), Chaosium, and Paizo. He is the co-founder and GM of Spot Hidden, a Call of Cthulhu actual play channel. Carlisle has also served as a Dungeon Master for 'D&D in a Castle'.

Photo by: Mati Ficara

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